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Final Fantasy VIII 100 Themes
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Final Fantasy VIII fanworks, with claims and themes
Hey! Welcome to fated_children! This is a writing/drawing community, with the idea taken from beat_of_destiny, one of the many theme based writing/drawing communities now floating round on LiveJournal. In this community you will find fanfiction/fanart based on the game Final Fantasy VIII. There's also key_blade (KH), mount_ordeals (FFIV), esper_cave (FFVI), mako_reactor (FFVII), madain_sari (FFIX), pyre_flies (FFX/-2) and the_sandsea (FFXII).

Make sure that you read the rules before you join and try to stake a claim!


1) You may claim couples, general relationships or characters. The fanwork you do must be based only on that relationship or character. Couple can also refer to a threesome, but preferably no more than three partners. For complicated claims, such as a polyamory claim, please talk to the mod about it before trying to claim (email thebrightspark[at]gmail[dot]com).
2) You may make up to three claims at once, no more. They can be any combination of relationships and characters, for example, two couples and a character; a general relationship, a couple and a character; or three couples.
3) Only two people can claim the same couple, relationship or character.
4) If you are inactive with the claim, after three months it will become free for anyone to take again, unless you have a good excuse. I don't currently check up on this, but if someone wants a claim and checks up on you, and you haven't posted for the claim in three months, you can expect to lose it.
5) You are allowed to make the same claim twice. However, if you do, you have to wait at least six months after you complete the claim to claim it again, and anyone who hasn't already had a chance at it has priority.

Read the rules? Claim here!

Writing/Drawing for your claim:

1) You may include up to five themes in what you write or draw.
2) When writing for a couple, you must focus on that couple and their romantic or very close relationship. When writing for a character, you can show how they interact with other characters, for example in a pairing, but you should really be focusing on the character you have claimed. When you write for a general relationship, you should be showing how two particular characters interact in different ways, and preferably not how they react to other people. You may write romance for a general relationship claim.
3) When you submit, please use the following form:
Theme + Number:
Claim: (the claim you are writing for)
Rating: (this should be K, K+, T, M or MA, which are roughly equivalent to G, PG, PG13, R and NC17 - see this guide FictionRatings.Com)
Warnings: (smut, squicks, etc)
4) Put all submissions under an LJ cut. Don't know how to do it? Check the FAQ or ask the mod (who will link you to the FAQ ^_~).
5) Please only post one story or piece of art in one entry, so that it can be put properly into the memories. It would also be better to post the text of the story in the post, instead of a link to it, but if you're sure that the place you're linking to is permanent, it's fine to link.
6) Submissions obviously have to be based on at least one of the themes.
7) Writing can be AU, spin offs from your longer fanfics, part of a series of ficlets - as long as they can be read as stand alone, seperate, stories, or you provide all the valid links.


1) If you know that you're not going to like something because of the pairing/character/relationships/author, don't read it and just say "I hated this".
2) Constructive criticism should be gentle and aimed at building up the person's abilities, not tearing them down.
3) No negative things like homophobic comments, racist comments, etc. That doesn't belong in a community like this that will welcome any and all pairings, characters and non romantic relationships from Final Fantasy VIII.
4) If you disobey the rules twice, you'll have a strike against your name, and whenever you offend again, whether it be in two weeks or two years, you'll be removed from the community.


If you're interested in doing something a bit more challenging, the rules about and description of doing that is here.


If you change your username mid-claim, it will not be changed in the memories for that claim. After that, it will be. People that currently applies to:
-shanaqui; formerly twilightsrain


All posts in this journal are about fictional situations and are not intended to offend people, and nor are they intended to support or condone illegal and morally dubious activities.