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Seifer: One of the Bad Guys

Crybaby (Seifer, challenge claim)

Posted by lassarina on 2009.02.17 at 23:12
Title: Crybaby
Theme: #8, Finders keepers
Claim: Seifer Almasy, challenge (one fic per theme in order)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Zell's just a stupid crybaby.

"You can't have it! It's mine!" Zell stomps his foot, nearly ready to cry.

Seifer's taller than Zell, and he dangles the card just out of reach. "Finders keepers, crybaby," he sneers. "You left it. I found it. It's mine."

"I'm telling Matron!"

Seifer swears those three words are magic. Matron appears immediately. "What is going on here?" Her voice is soft.

"He took my card!" Zell points at Seifer.

"Seifer?" she asks.

"Finders keepers," he protests.

"Seifer, you have your own cards." Matron frowns.

Seifer sighs, and hands the card back. "Stupid crybaby," he mutters.

Zell just walks away.


siva630 at 2009-02-19 14:02 (UTC) (Link)
This is nice. For some reason I get a strong sense of pivoting straight from childhood to post-game, hinging entirely on that last line. I think "just walking away" would be Zell's way of coping with Seifer after all the bullshit was over.

Good read. Thanks. :)
lassarina at 2009-02-19 15:23 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for commenting =) Yeah, I picture a lot of Zell's coping mechanisms post-game as consisting of just walking away. Which just goes to show how much he grows up.
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