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(Squall) Polite

Mod post!

Posted by shanaqui on 2009.05.07 at 15:21
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Hey guys!

I know I haven't been doing mod posts or anything recently, but I am still here and dealing with the mod work. I haven't created a version of this community on Dreamwidth (yet): if you are interested in doing so, contact me and we can talk about it. This version of the community will not be shutting down.

There is a new version of one of my communities, over_look, now on Dreamwidth here. From the userinfo: "The idea is to claim an overlooked fandom, character, or pairing. You define "overlooked". If you have all of canon for a fandom, but you haven't been writing for it, that counts. If you haven't written for a fandom in ages, that counts. If you'd like to try writing a pairing you haven't tried to write before, that counts. Originally, though, it was created to promote writing about minor characters, such as Tracey or Nandi from Firefly, or fandoms that haven't had much fanfic, like The Dark Is Rising. If you think it's overlooked, by you or everyone, then go for it. And although that summary was fiction-biased, if you want to claim something and then draw for it, then that's also fine. If you want to both write and draw for your claim, that's fine too."

I hope to see you there, if you're interested!

(This is being posted to every community I mod. I apologise if you see it multiple times.)

Fandom: Hell Bus


Posted by first_seventhe on 2009.02.18 at 10:49

Fandom: FFVIII
Characters/Pairing: Quistis/Rinoa
Rating: PG

Claim: Quistis/Rinoa
Themes: #36: Hourglass; #46: Office work; #74: Learning

Summary: A sleepless night in Balamb; Rinoa looks to understand, and Quistis can't really explain.

TeachingCollapse )

Seifer: One of the Bad Guys

Crybaby (Seifer, challenge claim)

Posted by lassarina on 2009.02.17 at 23:12
Title: Crybaby
Theme: #8, Finders keepers
Claim: Seifer Almasy, challenge (one fic per theme in order)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Zell's just a stupid crybaby.

CrybabyCollapse )

arya by narbenarr

Rinoa/ Caraway: Old Chains

Posted by dizzy_whore on 2009.01.19 at 22:22

Title: Old Chains
Claim: Rinoa/Caraway
Rating: G
Prompt: Digging, hidden, the other side (#9, #42, #71)
A/N: Based on the scene between Rinoa/Caraway at Caraway's mansion in Disc 1.

Over here at my journal.

Seifer Demons

The Accolade (Seifer, challenge claim)

Posted by lassarina on 2009.01.14 at 20:33
Current Mood: accomplished
Title: The Accolade
Theme: #7, Lost and Found
Claim: Seifer Almasy, challenge (one fic per theme in order)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers through Disc One
Summary: This is his calling, and he has found himself in it.

The AccoladeCollapse )

arya by narbenarr

Rinoa/Caraway: The Dirty Ground

Posted by dizzy_whore on 2008.12.12 at 16:12

Title: The Dirty Ground
Characters: Rinoa/Caraway
Prompts: Sin, blood, fever (#25, #93, #70)
Rating: G
Summary: The day Rinoa was born.

Over here at my journal.

arya by narbenarr

Rinoa/Caraway: Paper Flowers

Posted by dizzy_whore on 2008.12.05 at 17:10

Title: Paper Flowers
Claim: Rinoa/Caraway
Prompts: "I'm sorry", blue, old (#89, #20, #14) 
Rating: G
Summary: In the aftermath of Julia's death, they both find it hard to connect.

Over here at my journal

arya by narbenarr

Rinoa/Caraway: Knives

Posted by dizzy_whore on 2008.12.03 at 19:22

Title: Knives
Claim: Rinoa / Caraway
Prompts: Deception, saying goodbye, till death do us part (#24, #57, #27) 
Rating: G
Summary: Julia's funeral.

Over here at my journal

arya by narbenarr

Rinoa/Caraway: Pins

Posted by dizzy_whore on 2008.11.20 at 18:48

Title: Pins
Claim: Rinoa/Caraway
Rating: G
Prompt: Left alone, nature (#41, #12)
Note: This is a little soppy, but in a good way (?)

Over here at my journal

arya by narbenarr

Rinoa/Caraway: The Half Hour

Posted by dizzy_whore on 2008.11.17 at 21:11

Title: The Half Hour
Claim: Rinoa/Caraway
Rating: K (some language, death)
Prompts: Ice, a fork in the road, winter (#11, #34, #97)
Note: Chronicles the day of Julia's death, and should be read alongside  Don't Take Me Away From Here

Over here at my journal

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